4 Types of Alarm Systems How to Choose the Right Option

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 29th, 2016. Posted in Cctv camera solution, Integrated security systems, Security access control

Commercial surveillance

More that 50% of intruders say that they will discontinue a burglary when they discover an alarm system at their target business. This indicates the significance of installing the right alarm systems in your business. Ideally, there are specific options for home and business use. Many businesses use a combination of options to get the protection they need. When choosing a security system, the choice depends on your type of business and the nature of the protected assets.

Bells Only Alarms

This is the basic type of security alarm and most insurance companies wouldn’t consider it. If it is triggered, it makes an audible alarm that alerts you or your neighbor about an intruder. This system needs to be fitted by a certified installer.

Auto (GSM) Dialer or Speech diallers System

If you prefer a