5 Great Ideas to Place on Your School’s Signs

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 18th, 2019. Posted in Gsa led sign, Outdoor led sign for school, Scrolling marquee signs

Signs are extremely important for schools. In fact, research shows that on site signage is worth placing 24 full page ads in the newspaper each year. Whether you’re interested in scrolling marquee signs or something a little different, it’s wise to have ideas for sign content throughout the year. Considering how fast paced schools are, it’s understandable to have a hard time coming up with new ideas. Here are five great ideas to consider placing on school marquee signs.

  1. Highlighting Excellent Employees and Students

    Throughout the school year, certain people will stand above and beyond others. For example, a few students might have had perfect attendance throughout the year. On the other hand, your school might have had a teacher recently win an important award. No matter the reason, it’s important to highlight students, teachers, and other faculty who are examples of excellence for others.
  2. Celebrating Major Wins


The Effectiveness of Exterior Signage Marketing

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 15th, 2016. Posted in Gsa signs, Outdoor signs for schools, Scrolling marquee signs

Led display sign

Exterior signs are a traditional and extremely effective way to market a business. They are successfully used in a variety of types of businesses. Schools, churches, small businesses, municipalities, large retail stores, banks, restaurants, and even grocery stores have used signs. They create awareness in the community and remind people on a consistent basis that they are there. There are also different types of signs. If you look around your local city, you will notice all of the different signs. A few considerations should go into the exterior sign planning for a business.

The size of the sign. The sign needs to be large enough for people on the road to see it, yet small enough that it will not be completely distracting. Some cities may also have ordinances on the maximum size of an