5 Ways to Make Your Home Less Appealing to Theives

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 27th, 2017. Posted in Alarm and card access systems, Cctv philadelphia, Sonitrol security

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Every year, thousands of people are victims of home robberies. It is estimated that people lost about $4.5 billion in property loses in 2013 and about three quarters of that was from home burglaries. In addition to getting the right security alarm company to install a security systems, there are things you can to make thieves think twice before going to your home.

  1. Do not leave a key anywhere burglars can find it. This probably seems like it should be a given. It should also be a given that people should not use “123456″ for there password but a surprisingly high number of people do. All over the country, people leave the keys to their home under the front mat or in a flower pot. The problem is that criminals know that. They know where to look for keys. If you want to leave a spar