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Every year, thousands of people are victims of home robberies. It is estimated that people lost about $4.5 billion in property loses in 2013 and about three quarters of that was from home burglaries. In addition to getting the right security alarm company to install a security systems, there are things you can to make thieves think twice before going to your home.

  1. Do not leave a key anywhere burglars can find it. This probably seems like it should be a given. It should also be a given that people should not use “123456” for there password but a surprisingly high number of people do. All over the country, people leave the keys to their home under the front mat or in a flower pot. The problem is that criminals know that. They know where to look for keys. If you want to leave a spare around so that you can get back in if you lock yourself out, you should talk to a neighbor or friend in the area. You will be able to get back in and your home will be safer from burglars.
  2. Do not give thieves a hiding spot. People like to have their home surrounded by bushes and hedges. These may look great to neighbors and visitors but but they look amazing to would be thieves. These spots provide cover for burglars to hide. They can watch you come and go. They can see inside your home. They can just wait for the perfect time to strike. If you have shrubbery, make sure you keep it neat and make sure you do not have places for criminals to hide out. You also want to be able to look out and see what is going on around your home.
  3. Rethink where you hide your valuables. Most people think they are being clever when they hide their valuables in the freezer or sock drawer. The problem is that everyone knows that. That means burglars know it, too. If you are going to hide your belongings, hiding them in the most obvious place in the world is the same as making your computer password be “123456.” If you have real valuables that you want to protect in your home, you should get a safe.
  4. Keep your home well lighted. Just like you want to keep your bushes and trees clean and clear, you want the outside of your home to be lighted well. A number of security systems have lighting included. You need to be able to see what is going on around your home. That is another way to make burglars want to go someplace else. If you do not want the light to be on all of the time, you can get lighting that works on motion detectors. That can be even scarier for the would be thief.
  5. Have a security system installed. This is one of the best ways to protect your home from criminals in your area. When surveyed, even people who have been convicted of burglary say they are deterred by security alarms. At least 83% admit this. Moreover, when they are talking about burglaries that were not planned, more than half say they abandon their efforts when they see there is a security system in place. There are many newer kinds of security systems that offer a wide array of options to help you keep your home and your family safe from all burglars.

It is very important to follow your security company’s instructions when it comes to using the alarm system you had put in. Some people put the sign in front of their home and think that this is enough to keep the criminals away. Just as they know about looking in your sock drawer for your valuables or under the flower pot for the keys to your home, they will not be stopped by a sign. Many spend a decent amount of time watching the homes they want to break into, so ho ahead and have the security system installed.

Getting the right security system with security surveillance or with other options that you may need (fire alarms can be included) can make you feel much better in your home.

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