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Plastic can be an incredibly useful compound when used right. When plastic is not recycled like it can be, it only harms more than it helps. And it is a shame because plastic has created alternatives to products that were once originally made with aluminum, steel and glass.

Let us put it this way. You have 2 pounds of plastic, 3 pounds of aluminum, 8 pounds of steel and 40 pounds of glass. You need to fill 1,300 ounces worth of drinks. Which is going to get the job done at a better price? If you guessed “plastic,” then you are correct! But why? Each material can carry the 1,300 ounces needed, but plastic does is better by being do durable.

If you take a plastic bottle, you will notice that it is not very thick. In fact, plastic can be very strong with such thin walls. Aluminum, steel and glass can all cut, and glass can even shatter into a dangerous pile of shards. So, you can see why plastic would be chosen over the other three.

U.S. Plastic Production and Industry<

Americans Use Over Two Million Plastic Bottles Every Hour Of Every Day Recyclable Plastic Solutions

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We need to change the way we look at our materials.

This goes for customers who want to leave a more positive impact in their day-to-day life, such as recycling newspaper and turning off the sink when brushing their teeth. This goes for businesses that are starting to see a notable carbon footprint building up. Recyclable plastic is particularly high on the list for many people. A glance at recent statistics and it’s not hard to see why. Notoriously damaging to the surrounding environment and to local wildlife, our colored bottles and blow molded containers need to do extra work to benefit our brands without harming everyone, and everything, up and down the line.

How can you incorporate recyclable plastic throughout your manufacturing process?

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3 Mindblowing Types of Blow Moulding Used Making Glass and Plastic Products

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Making plastic bottles

Have you ever get curious about how those plastics and glass items you use get manufactured? Maybe you already have the idea of the entire production process. But if you don’t, it’s wise to stick around. Generally, plastics and glass products are everyday essential for most people; whether you need them for storage, product distribution, organizing tools or any other purpose you might find, they simply serve their purpose right.

Yearly, the world produces and consumes roughly 600 billion pounds of plastic as the market still grows at about 5% a year. These are tons and tons of plastic materials made for different household and commercial use. Ideally, plastics and glass containers come in various shape, size, and colors. Their application also varies depending on the material used in manufacturi