What Purpose Do Chair Mats Serve?

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 27th, 2018. Posted in Chair mats for thick carpets, Custom chair mat, Thick chair mat

Charles Darwin might have invented the wheeled chair sometime in the 1800s after chairs became more popular in households, however the design does create some issues. Specifically, wheeled office chairs on carpets can wear down the carpet material. A chair mat for thick carpets might be the answer to avoiding unsightly wear and tear in an office environment.

What Purpose Does a Carpet Chair Mat Serve In an Office Environment?

Little additions to an office space can make a big difference. For example, a chair mat for thick carpets might seem unnecessary. However, wheeled chairs have been found to damage carpets over time, and lead to back and leg pain. Although this is surprising, there is an easy fix.

How Do Wheeled Chairs Damage Carpets?

A wheeled chair will damage a carpet over time. The wheels will damage the pile of th