Charles Darwin might have invented the wheeled chair sometime in the 1800s after chairs became more popular in households, however the design does create some issues. Specifically, wheeled office chairs on carpets can wear down the carpet material. A chair mat for thick carpets might be the answer to avoiding unsightly wear and tear in an office environment.

What Purpose Does a Carpet Chair Mat Serve In an Office Environment?

Little additions to an office space can make a big difference. For example, a chair mat for thick carpets might seem unnecessary. However, wheeled chairs have been found to damage carpets over time, and lead to back and leg pain. Although this is surprising, there is an easy fix.

How Do Wheeled Chairs Damage Carpets?

A wheeled chair will damage a carpet over time. The wheels will damage the pile of the carpet first. Eventually the under foam will bear the indentations without bouncing back. This damage may not be overtly visible at first. It accumulates from repeated daily use. Worn-down carpets can have a negative effect on the appearance of an office environment. Professional office chair mats can help minimize the wear and tear on the carpets.

How Can a Chair Mat Protect Flooring?

A chair mat for thick carpets protects both the carpet pile and the under foam layer. The damage accumulates from the wheels of the chair pressing into the carpet material. A sturdy mat distributes the weight of the chair’s occupant over a larger surface, which minimizes the damage. It is of course easier to replace a chair mat when it is worn down than to replace the carpeting in the whole room.

How Can Not Using a Chair Mat For Thick Carpets Cause Bodily Pain?

It might surprise some office workers to learn their back pain could be caused by their office chair. Ergonomic office chairs have become more widely used, but these chairs are still wheeled. It is in the motion of moving the chair around that is the culprit.

Pushing a chair back from a desk seems innocuous. To understand how this simple movement could eventually cause pain, it is necessary to break down what is happening. First, the person is using the muscles in their lower back and legs to move the chair. All too often people sit in chairs with incorrect posture, which can cause strain on the wrong muscles. When a chair is pushed through thick carpet the person must use more force. This leads to muscle discomfort when repeated daily over a long period of time.

Office spaces that have carpeted flooring should consider chair mats. If aesthetics are a concern, many companies offer custom chair mats that can seamlessly integrate into a space. Adding these simple mats could save the office carpeting, and save employees from lower back pain. Look into adding some to your office space today.

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