Are You Looking for Helium Balloons for an Upcoming Event?

Written by Small Business Magazine on August 14th, 2018. Posted in High purity gas regulators, Specialty gas supplier, Uhp grade nitrogen

Spaghetti. Check.
Meatballs and marinara sauce. Check.
Garlic bread. Check.
Fresh peaches. Check.
Chocolate cake. Check.
Senior signs. Check.
When your daughter brought four friends home for lunch during their first open campus of the year she joked that the only thing this little luncheon was missing was some party balloons. Little does she know that if you would have had time to go to the party store you would have had school colored helium filled balloons as well.
When you stopped by the grocery store to have them write “Happy Last First Day” on the cake you also made a point of walking offer to the florist to pick up a few balloons. Much to your disappointment, but perhaps your daughter’s relief, the two specialty gas regulators were not working. You did not have time to make an extra stop at the party store, however, so the first