Do You Know Your Excavation Shoring Options?

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types of shoring for excavation

Excavation and trenching projects can be dangerous. With the risk of collapses and cave-ins, workers can unknowingly be in harm’s way. This is why excavation shoring systems are key. There are several types of shoring for excavations that can keep your crew safe during these types of projects.

When do I need a shoring system?
If you are working in a trench five feet deep or greater, the trench will need a shoring system unless the excavation is made of stable rock. Crews working in trenches 20 feet deep or greater will need to have a professional engineer design the system. While these are the minimum requirements, you can also take precautions with a shoring system if your trench is less deep than these benchmarks.

What factors should I consider when choosing a shoring system?
Soil quality and other environmental conditions are key in determining which shoring system to use. As mentioned above, an excavation made of solid rock will require less protection than one made of moist soil. The soil inside and surrounding the trench should be considered, as should any recent rainfall. To further pinpoint these conditions, your crew should hire an outside professional.

What are the different types of shoring systems?
The following are some of the most common types of shoring types of shoring for excavation available on the market.

  • Hydraulic Shoring: This strut and wale system is often made of steel, making it one of the most durable shoring methods. The braces hold steady against the trench wall and adapt easily to various widths.
  • Timber Shoring: While less popular than hydraulic methods, timber shoring is made out of wood. This is often a less expensive option.
  • Aluminum Shoring: Aluminum is a highly durable material but is lighter weight than steel. For this reason, many construction crews prefer aluminum shoring methods. These materials are easily transported and stored.

Remember: Your crew’s shoring needs will likely vary by project. This is why renting is often a viable option. When you begin a new project, you can rent the system and then start again on the next project. And if you are not sure which shoring method to rent, your equipment rental company can help you decide.

Excess Groundwater Pumping Is Causing Parts of California to Sink

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groundwaterThe San Joaquin Valley is sinking. In fact, this region of Southern California has been slowly sinking since the 1920s. But this is not the result of earthquakes or natural erosion breaking down the land the Valley rests atop. Rather, this sinking effect is largely due to the massive amount of groundwater pumping taking place in California today. According to land survey reports from NASA, the San Joaquin Valley has sunk by as much as 28 feet in certain sections. And, given the rate of groundwater pumping, that number is going to keep rising as the valley continues sinking.

The Golden State has suffered intense, years-long periods of droughts in recent decades. And because California is one of the most productive agricultural regions of the world, farmers need water to keep their crops growing. At the same time, the massive population centers in Southern California require large amounts of water, too. As precipitation and snow melt dries up, the state turns to ground and surface water.

As a result, the overuse of pumping groundwater has already caused damage to thousands of private and public properties around the state. It also presents a danger to future groundwater storage facilities, should the overuse continue. Already, surveying reports show that the aqueduct near King’s County can only hold a flow of 6,650 cubic feet per second, despite it being designed to hold 8,350 cubic feet per second.

Simply put, California relies heavily on groundwater, but that reliance has consequences. In total, it makes up 26% of the total number of freshwater withdrawn in the United States today. Now, the land is sinking at a rate of about two feet per year. Groundwater modeling experts believe that things will only get worse if changes are not made soon.

California has its fair share of environmental challenges. The state sits on a very powerful fault line, while constant droughts have put the state in a perpetual state of emergency. These problems are serious enough without adding man-made natural disasters to the list.

It is important to maintain a balance when dealing with groundwater pumping. Like any other thing you take from the ground, such as oil and coal, eventually the resource is going to run out. And when it does, the very ground you stand on could be at risk. Finding a better way to hydrate California will be key in preventing the San Joaquin Valley from disappearing from the map.

To find out more about responsible groundwater pumping, please visit Water and Environmental Technologies.

The 4 Most Popular Types of Metal Roofing Products

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metal roof productsMost metal roofs have a minimum 25% recycled content, are 100% recyclable themselves, last more than 30 years with little maintenance, and can save up to 40% of a home’s energy costs. But metal roof products aren’t just an eco-friendly roofing choice, they’re also many builder’s #1 roofing material for weather durability with a proven reputation for standing up to rain, sleet, snow, and wind.

Even so, virtually every home in America was built with ordinary asphalt singles until recently. The U.S. is one of the only countries in the world that uses shingles so ubiquitously. In Europe, these common shingles have long been known to be a fire hazard, and here in the United States, custom metal roofing is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Consequently, many homeowners are learning about this newly popular residential roofing material for the first time. And anyone who thinks all metal roofing materials are created equally is sorely mistaken. There are metal roof products ideal for commercial applications, home roofing, and even agricultural applications.

So what are the four most popular types of metal roofing materials for homeowners? We take pride in offering homeowners like you the best metal roof Portland has ever seen. Without further ado, here are the four most popular types of residential metal roofing materials at our Oregon roofing supply company.

1. Standing Seam Metal Roof Products
If you’ve seen custom metal roofing on a home in your neighborhood, then it was most likely a standing seam roof. Also called vertical panels, these metal roof products provide the classic metal roof look. Most residential custom metal roofs are based on an industrial design but are modified with softer lines for a more attractive appearance. Our Oregon roofing supply company can provide vertical panels in a wide variety of colors and configurations, and the design allows rainwater to flow directly off the roof.

2. Standing Seam Horizontal Panels
These standing seam style metal roof products are very similar to the vertical panels, except in a horizontal, side-to-side configuration. They’re also specifically designed to interlock in such a way that rainwater flows neatly away from the roof. Because of the horizontal seams, some homeowners prefer this style because it more resembles traditional shingle roofing materials.

3. Pre-Curved Panels
Perhaps more commonly seen in commercial applications, pre-curved roofing panels are exactly what they sound like. They’re designed to cover a curved portion of a roof or entryway, providing a very modern look for new homes. Pre-curved panels can be used for a portion of a roof, like radius entries, and attach well to normal standing seam metal roof products.

4. Corrugated Roofing
Corrugated roofing panels were the original metal roof. Typically designed in very large panels, corrugated metal roof panels have grooves and ridges that facilitate rainwater runoff. Although they are more commonly associated with industrial or agricultural applications, corrugated roofing is starting to make a major comeback now that architects are incorporating industrial accents into their work. It’s a bold choice for a home, but an increasingly popular one.

Of course, the best metal roof supply company will have no problem recommending and designing custom metal roofing to fit your exact needs. These durable roofing products come in a wide variety of styles and colors, so whether you’re looking for a more traditional aesthetic or a bold contemporary design, you can find metal roof products to get the job done.

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