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Do you own, manage or work in a warehouse? If so, you?re part of 140,000 U.S. workers currently working in roughly 7,000 warehouses across the country. By working in warehouse, you know firsthand what happens to warehouse floors. Depending on your business or industry, the floor can be covered with any number of things every hour of every work day. Whether it?s wet or dry materials, extremely dirty or just annoying to deal with, unkempt floors make the work day just a little bit more difficult for everyone at the warehouse. Not sure how to resolve this issue in your warehouse? It?s not convenient to constantly call up a cleaning service, make an appointment or series of appointments and pay a ton of money to have them deep clean your floors.

Don?t waste your time on expensive floor sweeper

4 Characteristics of a Great Floor Sweeper

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Keeping floors clean and clear is extremely important, especially in a place of business. It may be difficult because of the constant foot traffic that flows across it but it’s a good idea for numerous reasons. The reasons include but are not limited to:

  1. Clean floors preventing slips, falls and workplace injuries.
  2. They keeping a professional look to the building.
  3. Clean floors promote and maintain hygiene.
  4. Having someone to do the job provides cleaning jobs.

Sweepers often use industrial floor scrubbers if the building is big enough in order to make the job a little easier and quicker. After hours, this cleaning upkeep may