Industrial floor sweepers

Do you own, manage or work in a warehouse? If so, you?re part of 140,000 U.S. workers currently working in roughly 7,000 warehouses across the country. By working in warehouse, you know firsthand what happens to warehouse floors. Depending on your business or industry, the floor can be covered with any number of things every hour of every work day. Whether it?s wet or dry materials, extremely dirty or just annoying to deal with, unkempt floors make the work day just a little bit more difficult for everyone at the warehouse. Not sure how to resolve this issue in your warehouse? It?s not convenient to constantly call up a cleaning service, make an appointment or series of appointments and pay a ton of money to have them deep clean your floors.

Don?t waste your time on expensive floor sweeper services. It can be unreliable, and it doesn?t offer an immediate solution to the problem at hand. For long-term floor cleaning needs, these services are not the best option. With 25% of injury claims being accounted to slips, trips and falls each year, you need a more reliable solution to your warehouse floor problem.

Give rental floor scrubbers a try instead. With rental floor sweepers and scrubbers, you can resolve the issue on your own time and at a price more in line with your budget. You don?t want to contribute to the statistic that says there are 95 million lost work days each year due to slips, trips and falls. That can easily be prevented.

Take warehouses where meat is handled. It?s not hard for those floors to become a liability. There?s constantly both wet and dry materials falling onto the floor, even when every employee is doing their job correctly. With a warehouse stocked full of products and people, you don?t want to risk injury to anyone or risk the destruction of valuable products. Those working in warehouse are at a 75% greater chance of slipping, tripping or falling and becoming injured than any other private industry combined. If you own, manage or work in a warehouse that handles meat and you?re not considered rental floor scrubbers, you need to. The fact that it?s used floor sweepers cleaning your floors won?t make a difference. The job will get done correctly, and you?ll know that you?ve contributed to preventing likely injuries due to unclean floors.

Not sure which company to use? Do your research. Find the best rental floor scrubbers in your area that makes you feel satisfied with the cleanliness of your warehouse floors. Don?t settle for a company without seeing the results you want. The best company will help you assess your cleaning problems, concerns and issues with your warehouse to help guarantee your satisfaction. As an industry, for every 100 full time employees, there were approximately 5.5 injuries in the workplace in 2011. Help bring down that statistic by doing your part. Let us know in the comments how your experience with rental floor scrubbers went in your warehouse.

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