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The heating and cooling industry has really changed the cultural face of the United States in way that might surprise you. The United States is a big country, after all, and there are a lot of different environments that require a lot of different technicalities to live. You can’t have the same sort of construction and buildings in Georgia that you have in Alaska just as you can’t have the same sort of cars and buildings in Maine as you might have in Kansas. This might seem obvious but there are roots to this idea that go way way back into time. For instance, before a certain time and certain inventions, there just certain places you couldn’t live. For example, one of the reasons that NASA is located in Florida is that, during the thirties and forties when it was being developed, the hvac companies and hvac contractors had just improved upon a bunch of new designs that allowed people to live in cooler buildings for longer periods of time. This, along with a certain difference in the curvature of the earth and the nearness of calmer oceans, made specific parts of Florida a prime spot for NASA’s construction. In this way, the common hvac service and the hvac companies changed the face of America without ever really trying. People might not think of the commercial hvac as exciting but, when framed the right way, it really can be. The commercial hvac provider is just as important as any auto developer or huge factory in the United States. It’s just understated. Let’s take a look at specific place and time to better illustrate this idea.

    Going back to the beginning of the west coast
    We tend to think of cities like Vegas or Phoenix as always having been there but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. They had to be built when the right amount and type of technology finally became available. Before that time, they were either not there at all or very different in structure. But, out of all of these western cities, there’s one that stands out as particularly significant. It’s so significant, in fact, that it’s often paired with New York as the prime example of the United States. This city and New York are the ones that gird and border the United States in a cultural sense. They enclose it and give it a cultural definition. Of course, I’m talking about Los Angeles, city of angels. Now, what does this mean exactly? What does Los Angeles have to do with this technological revolution and the importance of hvac companies? Well the answer to both of these questions is a bit more opaque than you might think.
    The beginnings of Los Angeles
    Los Angeles wasn’t always the social and cultural powerhouse it is today. Let’s go far back, to the time before it was known at all. Yes, there was a time in American history when this was true. Actually, more technically speaking, Los Angeles was unknown for more than half of American history because it barely existed at all. Even during the start of the film era in the early nineteen hundreds, it wasn’t the load stone it is today. During that time, the film industry was located close to where Edison started it in New Jersey. There it would stay while silent movies captivated audiences and culture was slowly transformed. Films, TV, books and, yes, even the hvac companies were yet to have an effect on Los Angeles. This wouldn’t happen until the late twenties and early thirties.
    The past and future of Los Angeles
    So what was Los Angeles like in these days? And how did the hvac companies change this? It was small, for one. It was basically an outpost town with a moderate amount of buildings and no cultural capital. It was more Sacramento than Los Angeles. It existed, of course, and it had existed for around fifty years before that but it didn’t matter. It took the invention of air conditioning, heating and films to combine to make it a place livable for most common people.

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