Government inventory
  • Cans of exactly the right lot number of paint that you need to finish the basement project. the one you promised your wife would be finished in time for next weekend’s company.
  • Animals made from fuzzy fur that exactly match the mascot for your nine year old daughter’s softball team.
  • Number two lead pencils in the exact two colors that are used for the decorations for your husband’s new marketing plan at work.

  • Yellow silk flowers that will perfectly match the reception and dance decorations your daughter is planning for her fall wedding.
  • Oval wooden frames that you want to use to decorate your new clothing boutique.
  • Utility knives that can function as graduation gifts for the young men in your son’s troop who have earned their Eagle Scout.

  • Heavy canvas fabric that you plan to use to make table covers for an upcoming craft show.
  • Extremely soft yarn for 15 baby blankets that your church group is knitting for a local women’s shelter.
  • Lightening fixtures for the remodeling project for the restaurant that your family has owned for three generations.
  • Purple glitter sidewalk chalk that the sorority wants to use for the upcoming Rush Week festivities.

  • Metal rings to use as the bottom of your curtains in your newly redecorated master bedrooms.
  • Egg sculptures in a variety of sizes for next year’s spring fashion show.

  • Fruit baskets to decorate the tent spaces for the church’s fall marketplace festival.
  • Individually packaged high protein trail mix packs that will be the perfect welcome to town gift for your college friends who are coming to ride across the state with you.
  • Netting in every color of the rainbow that will be used for the vacation Bible school program at your church next summer.
  • Dog kennels that you need for the major addition you are completing for your vet care clinic.

It is complicated, but most consumers know how the process works. Inventory tracking software allows customer service employees on the other end of the line answer your questions about product availability. The inventory tracking software allows the guy at the big box store be able to tell you if they have two sets of the king size pineapple sheets in the store. It can help you find out if you need to drive to five different locations for the collectible building block set that your child wants for Christmas, or if you can find everything at the one location that is closest to your house.
Although the amount of things that Americans buy can seem completely overwhelming, inventory tracking software can make all of the millions of items that are on the shelves of the stores across the nation manageable. Property inventory management software is so effective, in fact, that it is used not only for the items that Americans want to buy, but it can also be used to track inventory of parts of all kinds, as well as the necessary items that the government ships from one location to the next. Government inventory management software, in fact, can help supply agents easily anticipate the need for supplies of all kinds in places all around the world.
Inventory tracking software allows managers in the building, or across the nation, know where all of their supplies are located. With this information, supply managers can watch for trends, anticipate future needs, and ship necessary items to the right locations. An enormous amount of the capital for many businesses is tied up in inventory. In fact, inventory, when combined with accounts receivable and accounts payable, typically ties up $1.1 trillion in cash. This staggering amount is equivalent to 7% of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP). This inventory, however, can be a liability rather than an asset if it is not properly tracked.
Knowing where valuable inventory is located is the job of the entire logistics industry, a major component of all companies that helps supply managers correctly anticipate future needs. Research indicates that even a typical warehouse management systems can decrease business errors by as much as 70%. On the smallest of scales, for instance, you simply cannot have a driver make a delivery stop only to realize that the needed products are not on a truck. On a larger scale, you cannot sell pumpkins in Omaha if they have been forgotten in Oregon.

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