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In the book by Thomas L. Friedman, The World Is Flat, he discussed about the changes in the way businesses are conducted today because of the internet. According to him, the world became flat, meaning the playing field has been leveled for all players that even a small business can equally compete with large corporations and big businesses. A small business for example, can actually market its products anywhere in the globe. A small business can create successful marketing initiative even without the financial resources of that many big businesses have. These are in fact all true and for any small business owner, this is the time when small businesses have the potential to dominate the market and grow quite significantly in the shortest time possible. Now of course if you own a small business, you know for a fact that this is only possible if you know how to manage your business effectively so that you can take the full benefits of the way the world has been changed because of the internet technology. One way to learn how to be a successful small business owner and manger today is by reading business magazines, particularly small business magazines. Just to give you the basics of what you can get from reading small business magazine, here are three things that you can get from them that are crucial to your business.

First, small business magazine, like any business magazine will give you insights that you will need in running a successful business today. One example is search engine optimization. When you read a small business magazine, you will learn how important search engine optimization or SEO to your business. SEO is a service which will increase the ranking of your site on the search engines, such as Google. When people search for a product or service that you offer, if you have good search engine ranking, they will see your site on top of the page results. Consumers therefore will see you over your competitors. When you subscribe or read a business magazine you will learn how this will allow you to compete even with the big enterprises. Second, small business magazine will give you consumer trends. Consumers today, as discussed above, now use the search engines before buying any service or product. Another trend is how they are influenced by social networking sites, like Facebook. As a business owner, you will know all the consumer trends that impact your business. Third, small business magazine will give you information that you will not get from books or business degree. One example is why many companies are downsizing with the passing of Obamacare. By reading the magazines, you will get accurate and insightful information from the other business owners. You will therefore be ready for any change in the business environment before it affects your business.

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