Trade show booth

Many businesses are realizing how helpful it is to attend trade shows. Trade shows allow businesses to display their products and service to a wide array of attendees. In turn, attendees get to find out more information about a company. In fact, statistics show that the average trade show attendee will spend nearly nine hours visiting various exhibitor booths. Following a few tips will help ensure these attendees get to see exactly what your brand is about. With that in mind, here are five great branding tips to follow while attending trade shows.

  1. Attract Attention With a Large Booth

    The right kind of trade show display can help take your brand to a whole new level. Unique trade show booths that tend to stand out are often larger than the average booth. While it’s true that a 10 x 10 booth is one of the most common sizes, this size might not be what your business needs to truly stand out. One thing that will always stand out to attendees on the floor is large booths.
  2. Ensure Message is Easy to Read

    It’s wise to utilize text with your trade show display in order to stand out from the crowd. That being said, it’s important to create the right kind of text display. You’ll want to keep it relatively simple in regards to the message of your company. Having banners filled with too many words will do nothing but distract attendees. In fact, it’s wise to create a tagline that is around six words that attendees can interpret within a matter of seconds.
  3. Consistency is Key

    You might be tempted to create something completely brand new while thinking about the creation of a trade show display. While it’s important to stand out, you’ll want to ensure that any brand messages displayed within your booth are consistent with the values of your company. Sending mixed messages to attendees will only confuse them, creating less value in regards to your brand.
  4. Send Your Best Brand Ambassadors

    Trade show displays can be made in different sizes to attract the attention of attendees. However, it’s important to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward by sending the best brand ambassadors within your company. You’ll want to send the most knowledgeable and passionate employees to trade shows. With that in mind, these employees will help ensure that their excitement is shared by attendees visiting your booth.
  5. Attend as Many Trade Events as Possible

    If possible, it’s best to attend a wide range of trade shows. Attending a large number of shows helps to put your message in front of as many people as possible. You’ll never know how popular your brand can become if you don’t take advantage of every trade show opportunity.

To summarize, there are several branding tips to utilize while attending trade shows. You might find it beneficial to attract attention from trade show attendees by ensuring you have a large display for all to see. It’s important to ensure that the main message you want to convey to everyone be simple and easy to read. Ensure that all branding materials you plan on bringing to a trade show are consistent with previous forms of branded content. It’s imperative to make sure that only the best brand ambassadors are front and center for all trade show appearances. If you’re wanting to have your brand seen by many crowds, it’s wise to attend as many trade shows as possible.

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