The video goes over hazardous materials and what they are. The generalized definition of a hazardous material is any item that can potentially cause harm to the person who handles it or the environment surrounding that individual. DOT oversees hazardous materials that will be transported on trucks and other vehicles. OSHA handles how hazardous materials are handled in various workplace environments.

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Both organizations strive to create a system where workers and handlers are educated about the dangers of the materials as well as how they must handle such materials.

Safety data sheets are one of the main materials that these organizations provide to educate people on hazardous items. The safety data sheets explain what the products are, how they can affect a person when handled, and what a person should do if he or she becomes exposed to the material. Employers are obligated to fortify their staff with information and educate them on hazardous materials as well. Learning courses explain how workers can recognize hazardous materials so that they can take the necessary precautions when handling them. One way to tell is by the label on the items. Hazmat items carry special labels to alert people who will work with them.

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