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When you’re in the manufacturing industry, there are a variety of essential materials and tools that are required. While this will depend on the type of products that you manufacture, you may be interested in learning more about tungsten. This metal has notable applications across various industries.

The Origins of Tungsten

The metal, tungsten, was first discovered in 1781. It would take another 150 years, however, for its industrial applications to become more fully recognized. It’s interesting to note that this metal only appears naturally under certain circumstances. This is when it is located in combination with the minerals, calcium, iron, or manganese. Studies of the Earth’s crust have revealed that there are just 1.25 grams of tungsten per 1,000 kilograms of this crust.

The Beneficial Properties Associated With Tungsten and its Alloys

Tungsten possesses several valuable properties. First of all, it is more dense than steel. More specifically, it is twice as dense as this popular building material with a tensile strength of 1,510 megapascals. Tungsten carbide is also right behind diamonds on the Moh’s hardness scale. While diamonds score a ten on the Moh’s hardness scale, tungsten usually registers between 8.5 and nine.

Secondly, when in its pure form, tungsten’s melting point is 6,170 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the highest melting point of any known metal. Vacuum furnaces that are able to withstand high temperatures, such as 1,200 degrees Celsius or 2,192 degrees Fahrenheit, are needed in a variety of industries. In addition to the manufacturing of electronics, medical tools, and medical equipment, these temperatures are also necessary for growing crystals and producing energy. Thirdly, tungsten also has the lowest vapor pressure, which is also quite beneficial for various industrial purposes.

Learn More Information Regarding Tungsten Manufacturing

If you’d like to learn more about tungsten manufacturing methods and tungsten products, you can contact a manufacturer in this industry for more information. Since there are so many uses for this metal, from crucibles to other essential parts and tools, it is likely that this is exactly what your business needs. Once you consult with an expert within this field, you will be able to further discuss your requirements.

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