Osha hazmat training

Each year, over 3 billion tons of hazardous materials are shipped. The Department of Transportation or DOT hazardous materials training is a crucial educational component for any employee who works with hazardous materials. The hazmat certification for shipping is an examine that requires regular re-qualification. Shipping hazardous materials is a big responsibility. It is not surprising that there is required training for shipping hazardous materials, but it may surprise some to learn that regulations are sometimes updated. This is why it is important to be periodically re-certified.

What Does It Take to Be Certified to Handle Hazardous Materials and Waste?

The requirements to be certified to ship hazardous materials involve understanding the properties of the materials being shipped. Materials are classified as hazardous if they present a health risk to public safety or the environment. The 1975 Hazardous Material Transportation Act is the principal federal law detailing the safe transport of hazardous materials. DOT hazardous materials training requires detailed knowledge of how different materials interact with each other, as well as how they react to heat and under pressurized conditions.

What If You Want to Be Able to Transport Hazardous Materials?

The majority of hazardous materials travel by motor vehicle, not aircraft. In fact, about 94% of the daily hazmat shipments in the U.S. are fulfilled by truck. DOT hazardous materials training applies not just to the person certifying the shipment, but to the driver of the load as well. The training process is different though, as the driver is not involved in the packing of the hazardous materials. However, there are some clear requirements.

Most of the requirements to becoming a certified hazmat driver are related to actually operating a vehicle. In other words, the person will need to spend some time communication with the DOT and the Department of Motor Vehicles, or DMV, to fulfill the requirements. These include a Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, background check, commercial drivers license, or CDL, a DOT medical card, and of course the Hazardous Materials Endorsement Test.

DOT hazardous materials training is a crucial component of industrial shipping. The safe transport of materials is a vital part of commerce. The daily shipment of hazardous materials requires certified professionals who make it a point to stay current on their certifications.

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