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In today’s world of excess and rapid advancement, our species tends to create quite a bit of waste. While the discoveries, advancements, and progress that come from pooling our growing knowledge and skills together over time are all wonderful, there are a few areas that we could definitely stand to improve upon at a much faster rate, for the sake of the planet and everyone living on it.

The incredible volume of waste that we create, often due to changing trends as well as technological or industrial advancements, is a major problem that many people are only now waking up to. Luckily, one positive trend that seems to be picking up more and more steam is the idea of reusing and repurposing items that would otherwise end up gathering dust or being tossed into a landfill.

Why not buy used storage containers?

One creative recycling trend is on a bit of a bigger scale than tossing your empty bottle into the recycle bin instead of the trash can, which of course is also important. Many businesses and individuals seeking specialty projects are finding new uses for those massive shipping containers that can only be lifted by enormous cranes. When you buy used storage containers like these, there are a number of things that you can do with them, and many of those uses can end up bringing in some money for you as well.

Utilizing storage containers that are no longer being used for the traditional purposes can turn a whole lot of materials that take up a whole lot of space into something productive and worthwhile. What can you make with storage containers? Well one very simple idea might be to move a few containers to a convenient location and continue to use them for storage, but possibly rent them out for the storage needs of various people or businesses in the neighborhood. There is also a growing trend that shows shipping container homes and offices being greatly beneficial to the community as well.

Using what we have already available

The beauty of the modern age is that we have such amazing capabilities that past generations did not have. We have so many more resources available to us to create and build whatever our imaginations come up with. However this has also led to significant excess, and this slow shift to focus on recycling and reusing what is already around is a going to play a large part in turning this world around. If you are looking to buy used storage containers, there are probably a few things you should know as you go about growing this new facet of your business.

First of all, those massive containers can regularly last up to 20 years of storing and shipping, with the proper care and maintenance. And perhaps, with the right eye and ingenuity, further use can be derived from them as well, even after that two decade mark. As far as helping to save the planet, repurposing used shipping containers can have a major impact. Take into consideration the fact that there are around 17 million containers spread around the globe, but only 6 million of them are being used. Those remaining 11 million containers could be converted into homes for the needy or simple offices for businesses looking to make less of a negative environmental impact.

When you buy used storage containers, you end up using about 3,500 kilograms worth of steel that is being repurposed, rather than using brand new materials. Because you already have that material, you also end up saving the bricks, wood, and other traditional building materials that you will not need for the building process. Saving the planet is possible. We just have to be creative and willing to take the right steps.

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