Today’s teachers are asked to demonstrate knowledge of instructor clarity by examining the latest reading improvement goal. Teacher clarity is often defined as a measure of the commincation clarity between students and teachers in both directions. This skill includes clarity of organization, clarity of explanation, and many other connectivity issues. Focusing on teacher clarity can revolutionize an instructor’s practice. By enjoying the revolution, teachers can help certainly students spend their days in a literacy-rich environment that provides students with meaningful reading, writing, speaking and listening activities. Students who have access to resources like an understandable rubric, dictionary, work books, and anchor charts can find a way to increase their own skills. And those reading skills can translate into more success not only in future classes and college courses, but also life.

Once out of school, of course, the goal is that students will be productive and contributing members of society, able to fill a wide range of jobs that are in high demand. When there is a disconnect, however, between what students learn in school and what skills re needed on the job, many struggle and need help finding work. Fortunately, there are a growing number of temp services that are able to help evaluate a person’s current skill set and provide opportunities to retrain to acquire missing skills.

Temporary Employment Agencies Provide Important Services for Many Job Candidates

If you need help finding work in a time when unemployment rates are at their lowest then you likely have a gap in the skills that you currently possess. Working with the right temp agency, however, can help you do one of two things. Match your current skills with available opening is the first service that many agencies that help finding work for their clients. The second service they provide, however, can be even more meaningful. A growing number of agencies are offering affordable ways to provide training for missing skills. From programming skills to health care services, an staffing agency can help connect candidates to the classes they need to gain the skills that will make them more marketable.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the many ways that employment staffing agencies help bridge the gap between the workers that employers need and the available job candidates:

  • The costs of employee turnover range from 30% to 150% of the employee’s salary. This is one of the biggest reasons that job seekers need help finding work that is meaningful and a good fit.
  • 93% of recruiters look at a candidate’s social media profile. In fact, there are some employers who admit that they no longer look at resumes, but instead use a job candidate’s social media profile to find out what kind of person they are hiring.
  • Because new hires that undergo a structured on-boarding program are 58% more likely to be with the company after three years, more and more companies are also investing in consulting services that can help with the new employee transition.
  • the latest research indicates that 57% of organizations view employee retention as a problem, an indication of how important it is to find workers who are a good fit for the openings that your company has.
  • 86% of companies with employee recognition programs cite an increase in worker happiness. The goal, of course, is that this worker happiness will contribute to higher retention rates and less need for more hires.
  • As many as 22% of new hires leave their jobs within 45 days of being hired. This means that more than one in five new workers will leave before they have worked tow months.
  • Followed by employee engagement at 36%, 46% of human resources professionals say retention is their greatest concern.
  • $11 billion is lost every year because of employee turnover.
  • Gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers and ethnically-diverse companies are 35% more likely to do the same, according to McKinsey’s, an American management consulting firm.
  • More than 3 million temporary and contract employees work for America’s staffing companies during an average week, serving an important role in the nation’s economy.

Education is always important. Especially in a time when worker retention is one of the biggest concerns that many of today’s employers face.

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