Advertisements are all around us every day. This includes web advertisements you see on a computer, marquee signs outside of schools or churches, or roadside billboards. Each of these ads may hold our attention for a few seconds while we read them. But with all the digital, flashing and moving signs that have started taking over advertisements, can your business compete without one? In all honesty, you might have just as much luck with a regular banner sign compared to a fancy flashing one. Here’s what you need to know.

In a recent survey, almost 85% of people chose to agree or strongly agree with the statement that signs usually convey the personality of the business as a whole. What does this mean? Well, LED signs and others like that might be at a disadvantage depending on the message you want to convey. If you want to show that you are customer-service oriented, would you be more likely to go to a business that has a large billboard ad, or took the time to make a custom banner?

In addition, custom banners take less time to create and set up compared to their more expensive counterparts. And this can help you find a customer base much more quickly as a result. With a 5-mile radius of almost any business resides the majority of their consumer base. After all, we like convenience when it comes to getting things done. By using a large custom banner, you expose your business to anyone driving past your business by an average of 50 to 60 times every month. And it has been reported that more than 30% of people discovered a business just because of their sign. They also reported that without the sign, they might not have known it was there. This means that by having the sign on-site instead of pointing them to an exit on the highway, you make sure that they know exactly where to find you when they need you.

It’s true that almost 70% of people think that the signs and advertisements of a business reflect its overall quality. However, do banners have to be lower quality just because they might be cheaper? Are those neon signs that say whether your business is open or closed considered better quality than old-fashioned flip signs? No, they just appeal to different customer bases. If your business is in a smaller town without a ton of tourist traffic, there isn’t a lot of point in getting a big display board to advertise your presence. A banner will work just fine, and will probably make you more approachable in that town too.

The way you advertise your business is a personal choice, but customers think that it reflects what kind of business you have and the quality as a whole. There’s a reason that big brand stores don’t advertise their presence with high signs like restaurants near the highway do. It’s all about knowing what will work for you and your customers. If that’s a big flashing sign, then get one. If it’s something more low-key, then there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s your business, so get the sign that reflects best on you.

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