Measurement services can require quite a lot of experience, knowledge, or even special equipment. While it’s a good idea to eventually learn to perform measurements yourself to build up that experience and knowledge, many times it is still a good idea to hire measurement services who can bring the right equipment and support. You can still do the measurements yourself if that’s your preference, but save time and money by having well-equipped measurement services on hand. Calling in measurement services also means:

  1. You do not need to invest in equipment. Whether you are speaking of acquisition devices or sensors, if you’re only going to occasionally need them, you probably do not want to invest in buying separate ones for every eventuality. Get measurement services to bring custom load cells, custom torque sensors, and other measurement tools that aren’t worth it for you to buy outright.
  2. You will get the best sensor for every job. Unless you have invested in the precise load cell or torque sensor units to do every job, you may find yourself falling back on equipment that works but is not designed from the ground up to do the job. Measurement services will be able to bring that perfect electrochemical fatigue crack sensor system to find that 0.01 inch crack in the field, or a hydraulic load call that can keep working at -70 degrees.
  3. You will experience fewer errors and things will go more quickly. From set up to execution and tear down, everything is going to go a lot faster when you have measurement services. Instead of doing something that is not your area of expertise, or tasking someone else to take time from their regular job to do measurements, you have professionals on the task who do nothing but set up, use, and tear down sensors and equipment of this type. You can be sure that things will go quickly and all the measurements will be accurate.
  4. You can get flexibility and assistance with analysis. Most measurement services will be happy to simply give advice on the setup you have already got, and then validate it, or actually do it all for you. Once the measurements are done, it is always smart to have a second set of eyes looking at the data and help to analyze it all. Most of all, having measurement services in to help means you get practical experience and training as you watch and interact.

Do not go out and purchase every measurement device and every measurement tool yourself. Call measurement services to make sure you are getting accurate, fast measurements with just the right tool for the job.

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