Document destruction is a process of disposing of sensitive documents that contain confidential information. It is an important part of protecting an organization’s security and data privacy. The process ensures that the documents are securely destroyed and are not accessible to unauthorized persons.

It is important to have a secure the said process in place to ensure that the confidential information will not get into the wrong hands. Destruction can be done in-house or outsourced to a professional document destruction company. But you should note that some information are confidential such as clinical waste and biomedical waste.

In-house document destruction companies is done by shredding the documents with a shredder or burning them. Outsourced documents destruction is done by a professional document destruction company that specializes in securely disposing of confidential documents.

In order to ensure that the document destruction process is secure, organizations should use a document destruction service that is compliant with the applicable regulations and security standards. This service should have a secure destruction process that uses a chain of custody, which includes tracking the document destruction process from start to finish to ensure that the documents are destroyed in a secure manner.

Organizations should also ensure that the document destruction service they are using is certified by a reputable organization, such as NAID. In fact, NAID certification is an assurance that the document destruction company.

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