Social media has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses big and small. Social media networks allow individuals and organizations to connect with their audience. That said, many businesses and others too misuse social media, or at least, don’t use it as effectively as they could. When you’re running a company, say a marketing business, it takes more than simply posting up images and messages. A well-crafted social media strategy goes much deeper, and as a result, can deliver much better results.

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We can break social media efforts into three broad categories: generating, nurturing, and converting. Most businesses will have a need for all three types, but it’s important to understand the nuances. With generating, your goal is to raise overall awareness of your products and services. Often, content that focuses on drumming up interest is educational.

Nurturing content is also often designed to educate. That said, while content that focuses on generation is broad, nurturing content is often more focused. You want to target pain points and explain how your solutions can help by providing educational content closely related to your audience. Once your audience is educated on the topic and your offerings, you can start to emphasize conversions, meaning getting folks to pull the trigger.


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