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It should go without saying, but it?s important to have a professional legal staff for your law firm. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has discovered just how important that is this month. In early March, the organization announced that it would be pursuing disciplinary action against three of its attorneys, and would also be lodging complaints against two administrative law judges.

Routine Inspection Uncovers Surprising Emails

The reason? An internal inspector uncovered sexist, discriminatory and racist emails from these team members. According to the VA, its Office of Inspector General had been conducting a routine inspection of their practices but discovered a ?pattern of inappropriate emails that were racist and sexist in tone.?

Of the five individuals, all are either former or current staff working with the Board of Veterans Appeals, which handles many veterans? claims regarding benefits. Following the allegations, all five staff members were immediately assigned to nonadjudicative duties in the organization.

Trust in the VA Continues to be Undermined

Although the VA says there is no indication as of now that any veteran?s appeal was affected by this, it not surprisingly makes some people question the judgment of those in leadership positions at the VA. It?s already well known, for example, that women are less likely to receive benefits for war-related PTSD than men; for those who have been denied, it is less than comforting to realize that behind the desk, VA representatives are making sexist remarks. The organization is fighting to maintain an aura of trust after the numerous allegations in 2014 over veteran health care delays that led to numerous veteran deaths.

Allegations Highlight the Importance of Professional Legal Staffing

It?s no secret, considering all this, that good staffing practices matter. Every year, Americans will hire nearly 15 million temporary and contract employees. It?s important that legal staffing efforts are no less professional and rigorous, even if the employees may not be at the organization for too long. A Legal recruitment agency is a good investment for companies that need employees who will be professional, discreet, and capable. Although there are numerous recruitment agencies to choose from, it’s a good idea to go with a specialized recruiting agency familiar with what a law firm needs from its employees.

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