Wireless intercoms offer all the advantages of intercoms without needing to install expensive wires between intercom devices, called stations. Learn about how to choose the best wireless intercom system for buildings from Ezvid Wiki, the world’s biggest video wiki.

How extreme is the weather in your area? If you get all four seasons, then look for wireless doorbell intercom systems that have a proven track record for working in all kinds of weather.

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At the very least, you need any outside stations to be waterproof.

Do you already have an intercom system in place? Then you can look for a wireless intercom system that can be added to what you already have. Some can even be integrated with security systems such as cameras.

Wireless intercoms tend to transmit just sounds, but there are systems that also transmit video. These can be used outside or inside, often with small, unobtrusive and user-friendly stations.

If you are not tech-minded, then choosing a wireless intercom system that can be controlled by a mobile app or by a virtual assistant can be a real timesaver. Another time-saver is to make sure you find out how often receivers or other parts need to be recharged before buying.

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