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Stats uncovered by Chadwick Martin Bailey say that 64% of people choose to open an email because it has an intriguing subject line and an Adestra report from 2012 says that subject lines fewer than 10 characters long are opened 58% of the time and personalized subject lines are 22% more likely to be opened than others. But no matter how interested you are in opening your new emails, if you don’t have access while on the go, you might have to wait until your back in the office to do so. If you get lots of time sensitive information and content sent to you, then that is not an option. So businesses should invest in exchange server hosting programs that give employees increased access to their important emails.

Essentially, Exchange Server, a product developed by Microsoft, is a calendaring software, mail server, and contact manager that helps people get organized. In the past, it might have been reserved for offices and work desktops, but in the nearly 20 years since it was introduced, it has become far more flexible. Now, exchange server hosting sites allow you to configure your Outlook from anywhere, so you can answer more emails and get more work done while on the go. This is vital for anybody who wants to be as productive as possible, even when unable to get to the office.

The latest versions of exchange server hosting programs can give you access to more than just your emails. In addition, they offer “unified messaging” that includes voice mail and faxes as well. Plus, it has massive storage capabilities and can be accessed via smartphones and tablets for superior flexibility. This means that business website hosting can be far more varied and useful than ever before.

But web developers and business owners alike need to think about much more than email, especially when it comes to marketing. According to ExactTarget, more than a quarter of consumers say that their favorite companies should invest more in email, but that can be tough in today’s digital marketplace. Businesses need to learn how to use social media and employ the latest SEO techniques, while working to build a better website, if they want to build a dynamic web presence that attracts new, loyal customers.

The internet has advanced business communications and marketing campaigns tremendously, especially over the last decade or so. As an unintended consequence, it also means that real-time communication is the expectation, regardless of how far apart two people may be. So constant access to email and other communication outlets is a vital component of today’s business landscape.

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