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The process for getting drugs from the development stage to your home medicine cabinet is not nearly as simple as you might think. According to The Independent Institute, it takes between 11 and 14 years for a drug to move from the lab setting to being approved by the FDA. On top of that, Forbes suggest that the average drug costs a manufacturer at least four billion dollars and could go as high as $11 billion. While there are a number of factors at play that influence both time and cost, one that often gets overlooked by consumers is pharma packaging. Without working with reliable contract packaging services, it can be almost impossible for manufacturers to ever get drugs to consumers.

Like most any food or item you pick up the store, drugs need to be packaged properly in order to make sure they do not get damaged or go bad. Exposure to the elements or rough treatment could cause unit dose pills and liquids alike to lose their effectiveness. So manufacturers who want to thrive in the massive and competitive pharmaceutical industry will need to make sure that they invest in the proper contract packaging items. They are vital for both keeping people healthy and building a trusted brand that can earn long term success.

Though there are many options available, blister packaging is one of the most popular. The use of PVC and foil combinations help make it thick and durable and child-safe features can be included to make sure that drugs don’t fall into the wrong hands. As an added bonus, carded blister packaging can be a great tool for supplementing marketing campaigns with promotional materials. While pouches, bottles, and other items all have their place, the flexibility that blister packaging offers makes it one of the most popular options. Because of that every good packaging service will need to find a way to efficiently produce a high volume.

Consumers might not spend a lot of time thinking about the packaging that their medication comes in until they have a headache or runny nose and have to wrestle with it while trying to get a pill. But in the massive pharmaceutical industry, packaging plays an important role. Working with dependable contract packaging companies is vital for manufacturers who want to make sure their products, and not those of their competitors, end up on drug store shelves and in medicine cabinets.

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