The number one role of any business is to ensure that consumers are able to easily find your product, no matter what you might be selling. If you’re a roadside mechanic, you want to be sure that you have impressive roadside and glass door signs that capture the attention of a passer-by, allowing them to see what services you offer and brands you support. A restaurant will want to guarantee that have easy-to-see, well-lit signage that sticks out even on the darkest nights, attracting those who are hungry and seeking you out. Signs for windows will also be a big game changer for restaurants, in which menus can be proudly displayed to anyone inquiring.

For those of us who work in retail, we all know how important it is to have items properly listed, and displayed. The act of presenting your merchandise in a well-thought out manner — keeping sales and presentation in mind — is referred to as merchandising. These are the ways that you can capture the attention of your customers with ease. When you think of merchandising, think of in-store advertising.

A customer is said to make a purchasing decision between one object an its competitor in the matter of 3 to 7 seconds. If you’re looking to influence the purchase of your customer, further defining their in-store impulse purchases (of which 6 to 10 are made each grocery trip), you can accomplish this by effectively contrasting products. There are countless ways that this can be achieved, but the foremost, tested ways are through creative retail displays.

77% of consumers stated that they prefer shopping in-store to shopping solely online. That’s a lot of buying power for customers, allowing them to make their decisions face-to-face with objects and commodities. This is an advantage for retail stores, though, as they can effectively market products to these customers.

For retail outlets, consider display racks and display stands. When displayed either in the front of the store or as endcaps to aisles, these display pieces will allow for you to capture a customer’s attention with ease, drawing their gaze towards a set of items. You could display chips, salsa, and cerveza for Cinco De Mayo; a display of tiki torches, lawn chairs, and s’mores ingredients could be set up around the Fourth of July, getting attention for those summer cookouts.

These display pieces can be further heightened when especially highlighting the prices of products shown. A clear pouch with hang hole will go a long way in this quarter, offering you an endless array of ways to better merchandise these products along with their concurrent display. Inside of your clear pouch with hang hole could be displayed an informative sheet that compares the sale prices to the regular prices of these items; the clear pouch with hang hole could be utilized to show off a photo of these collective items in use — a photo of a family picnic wherein each item is provided and being used joyously.

Similarly, the clear pouch with hang hole can be used all around your store, being applied wherever needed, providing pricing information that captures the attention of customers, providing them with a reason for their purpose. All these items together — display racks, display stands, and clear pouch with hang hole — can go a long way for your business, improving the standards of your merchandising, targeting the items your customers want most.

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