Companies and shops all over the world use LED business signs to build their customer or client base and raise their revenue. For traditional brick and mortar businesses, this kind of outdoor signage for businesses can do wonders. Many people say they would not know where a business was located without the help of the digital signs for business. At least 35% of consumers admit this. In fact, even big stores rely on them to drive business. It has been estimated that 17% of the people who walk into Best Buy stores around the United States do so because they saw the iconic sign. More and more religious institutions are turning to church marquee signs to alert passersby to their presence but also to teach.

One church in San Antonio, Texas has developed a reputation for its clever and eye-catching church marquee signs, many of which go viral on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media network. One of the messages recently displayed in front of the Camelot Christian Center was “No fake news here, just gospel truth.”

The church does not have the goal of becoming political but of getting people to talk about their church marquee sign messages and about the work they are doing at the center. When they wanted to spread the word about a garage sale they were having at that location, their message was fun and clever. They proclaimed that the sale they were going to host would be larger “than Kanye’s ego.” They took a photo of the message and tweeted it out to the world. This particular tweet was liked and retweeted thousands of times.

One other sign message that was popular was “Honor thy mother and father, fear the chancla, don’t forget flowers.”

Stephen Corder, a senior pastor at the Camelot Christian Center admitted that the church had been putting signs out for at least two decades but decided, in recent years, to update their messages and they started putting more thought into how to make them funnier and more current.

Now the entire Corder family likes to help come up with clever and interesting messages that spur more talk about the activities at the center. They say their goal remains to find something that people are already talking about and piggyback off of that. That does not stop them from using standard and “tried and true” messages for their signs. They say messages like “You think it’s hot here?” during the summer months.

While messages such as “YOLO LOL BRB — Jesus.” may get people talking and result in laughter, that is not the only goal of the signs. Corder says that they also want to get people inspired to get involved at the center and teach them something about Jesus Christ and the message he had for the world.

If you are considering putting up church marquee signs and your place of worship, being clever with your sign messages is only the start. There are some other things you need to do to make the most of the signs. Here are a few:

  • Think about the colors you are using. They need to work with each other but not be gross. You want colors that contrast with each other and are complementary. You also need to limit the number of colors.
  • When it comes to church marquee signs, it is all about location, location, location. You need people to be able to read them from their cars. Once you have selected a space, drive by it at all times of the day. You want people to be able to read it in the early hours as well as at dusk.
  • Play with your wording. These signs can be changed as much as you need them to change. Do not be afraid to have some fun with your messages. Nothing is written in stone.

Churches and other regigious institutions can leasrn a lot from the way local and national businesses promote themselves with scrolling marquee signs. Today’s churches, for instance, do not need to rely on messages from the past to get attention to what they are doing. In today’s world, newer church marquee signs show off the character and work of a church or temple.

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