If you work in a lab already you know the importance that comes along with a vaccine freezer and making sure that everything is in good working order within your laboratory. You know that the medical refrigerator has certain times that it should be monitored and that a very close eye needs to be kept at all times to assure that it is working correctly. With so many parts of importance sitting on your shoulders it’s imperative that you follow every rule that is assigned. Considering that over 21 million hospitalizations are prevented with these vaccines that are kept in your vaccine freezer, maintaining these items and protecting yourself as well are just a couple of the important aspects that come along with your laboratory refrigerator.

Label All Products

One of the aspects of taking care of any pharmaceutical refrigerator is to both carefully and explicitly label all contents within the refrigerator or vaccine freezer. This will make it so that there is never a question on what an item is and so that there is never a lab accident pertaining to a patient receiving the wrong vaccine due to lack of label. With vaccines preventing 2.5 million unnecessary deaths yearly, this should be a given when it comes to importance.

Inventory List

Keep an inventory list of everything that is located within the pharmacy freezer. This calls for less time opening up the freezer to go through it so that the vaccines never lose their properly maintained temperature and so that you know at all times what is located inside and what should be accounted for every time you do a vaccine check and go through your inventory. Making sure that everything is always accounted for is a key aspect of maintaining your vaccine freezer.

Have An Organization Standard

Make sure that everything within your medical freezer has its own spot and always gets placed back within its correct position as well. Not only will this help your lab to run smooth without any hiccups but it will also help to keep correct count of everything inside of the freezer as well. Knowing where your items are and that everything is correctly stored is half of the problem.

Also Use Caution With Cleaning

Not only for the freezer and your products inside but as well for the safety of yourself, always be sure that you’re using protective eyewear, a protective apron and gloves when handling anything in the vaccine freezer. With these heavy drugs and vaccines it is important to always use caution when handling any of these products and items. Your safety should be of the utmost importance right along with the vaccines you’re handling.

When working in a lab you are responsible for a whole hoard of different items and issues, assuring that you’re carefully watching out for yourself as well as the vaccines and everything else kept within your pharmaceutical grade refrigerator and vaccine freezer are imperative parts of your job that should always be controlled and maintained at all times. Don’t let any of these aspects fall by the wayside. Instead, protect yourself and all those who walk through your lab by taking all precautions and safety provisions necessary.

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