How often do you think about the cleanliness of your city?

It’s certainly a thought that depends on where you live. Perhaps your home is located on the outskirts of a major city, where your biggest concern is not smog, but constant flurries of pollen from nearby trees. Others may find themselves constantly frustrated with trash on their beaches and messy parking lots greeting them everywhere they go. When it comes to your business cleanliness can mean the difference between a customer wanting to stop by again and a customer who’s been indirectly sent somewhere else entirely. This doesn’t just go for your interior, but your exterior.

What can parking lot cleaners do to improve public perception of your brand?

Street Sweeping Has Come A Long Way

Despite our technological advancements there’s nothing new about street sweeping as a resource. Machines for street sweeping were first developed during the 19th century, with C.S. Bishop both inventing and patenting the very first street sweeping machine in 1849. Modern street sweepers would later be mounted on truck bodies, having the ability to vacuum debris large and small in the street. This service is particularly popular in urban areas with dense population and regular issues like pollution run-off.

Outdoor Air Pollution Is Getting Worse

Just how bad is outdoor air pollution and environmental strain? Take a look at some modern statistics. The road and highway maintenance industry generates a staggering $40 billion in revenue every year. Today there are over 9,000 companies currently offering regular road maintenance services in the United States, working around-the-clock to keep roads clear and the air clean. Not only can urban pollutants harm your health, such as grease and toxic chemicals, run-off pollution can actually affect local plant and wildlife.

Public Perception Is Key To Good Business

No customer wants to go to a business that looks shabby, dirty or ugly. Parking lot cleaners and street sweeper trucks are essential to keeping your business looking good all days of the year. Street sweepers are able to effectively remove paper, leaves and other visible debris from the front and sides of your business. This also extends to small, yet toxic forms of garbage such as cigarette butts, toiletries and plastic bags. One study found the majority of respondents actively considering exterior cleanliness to be as important as the inside of a business.

Save Money Even As You Spend It

Can parking lot cleaners save you money in the long run? Absolutely. When the environment is doing well you will do well, due in no small part to an economy that’s focused less on cleaning and more on conducting effective business. Parking space related pollution in the United States adds up to a stunning $4 billion every year, with one of the record highs nearing $20 billion. Effective street sweeping programs are able to remove several tons of debris a year from city streets provided they’re utilized correctly.

The Benefits Of Regular Street Sweeping

You know regular parking lot cleaning services will do wonders to improve public perception of your brand. Street sweeping services aren’t just a useful resource to keep your city looking nice. They’re also a way to keep outdoor air pollution and everyday contaminants at bay to encourage a healthy population. Even better? Regular parking lot cleaners in your business can save you money by keeping pollution at bay and customers always dropping by for a second look. When you want to improve the environment and your standing in one go, you know who to call.

Let a street sweeping service bring out the best in what you have to offer.

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