Are you looking for opportunities for employment? Maybe you’re ready to go back to work after a break, are looking for your first job, or just need a change. You want to do something new, but you just don’t know what it is. There are so many opportunities for employment that it can be hard to decide which one to take. Getting into the wrong position is hard on you and on the company that hires you: every year companies in the United States lose $11 billion due to employee turnover. And 22% of newly-hired workers end up leaving the job in less than two months.

When finding and keeping the right job can be so difficult, how do you look at opportunities for employment and make the right decision? The key is matching you and your skills and interests to the right job. Read on for four tips on making a good choice.

  1. Don’t do anything till you’ve analyzed what you’re good at and what you need in a job. You might not even actually know all the things you can do! Many temporary staffing services are more than just a place to find opportunities for employment. They can also help you on this journey of self-discovery. By asking the right questions, they help you figure out what you really are good at and what skills you bring to the table. A good temp agency can also help you nail down your job criteria. What is your personal wish list? What things can you not live without, and what things are you willing to compromise on for the right opportunity?
  2. Don’t forget to do all your research. Second-hand information shouldn’t be your only way of discovering what various opportunities for employment have to offer. Talk to people who actually have the role that you desire and learn what the job is like firsthand. Consider getting temp jobs for a while so you can get a feel for different companies, roles, and goals.
  3. Frame your goals and your own message in the right way. As you hunt for a job, don’t just focus on job titles. Think instead about the ingredients that make the job right for you. Frame your thoughts like this: “I’m looking for a job that involves these skills.” Talk with professionals who can help you sort through opportunities for employment and give you creative suggestions rather than just responding to job titles. As you start honing in on the job for you, start learning how to summarize yourself and your skills in focused statements. No job interviewer wants to listen to a long, rambling, and unfocused diatribe about your general thoughts. What can you bring to help an organization? What can you do, and how can you apply your experience to new challenges? These are the things employers want to know about.
  4. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a recruiting agency. You don’t have to land on your forever job immediately. If you accept that you are working jobs temporarily until you find the right fit for you, temp services can help you find jobs within your skill set. And who knows? You might even find a totally unexpected job that you love more than you could ever have imagined.

There is a job out there for you, and there are strategies for finding a good job that really work. Think about your goals and skills and know how to frame your experience and what you’re looking for. Do your research, and get help from people who know the available opportunities for employment that fit your skills. The right job is just around the corner.

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