Beer brewing pump

There are plenty of chemical pump applications out there, but they mean nothing if you don’t know what kind of pump to use for each situation. Every pump, like every application, is different. Here are a few of the most common types of chemical pumps and their applications.
Centrifugal Pumps
Centrifugal pumps can be used for a variety of different jobs, but they’re most frequently seen as beer pumps in breweries. Sometimes referred to as beer brewing pumps, this is just a general category of pump with one or more impellers.
Drum Pumps
Drum pumps are typically used to pump small amounts of liquid out of drums and carboys. This particular pump is thin so as to fit into the drum without disturbing the liquid inside. These pumps can handle anything from water to extremely viscous liquids, and can even be used to transport corrosive liquids.
Fire Pumps
This is another type of centrifugal pump that is typically used to aid fire fighters. It is typically a horizontal split case or vertical turbine pump. Listed pumps must meet UL/NFPA requirements in order to be used by fire departments.
Magnetic Drive Pumps
Magnetic driver pumps are yet another type of centrifugal pump, but they are seal-less. Torque from the motor is transmitted via an outer rotating magnet which in turn transmits magnetic energy to an inner magnet attached to the impeller. These pumps are typically used to pump chemicals or hydrocarbons or other liquids that are particularly difficult to seal.
Slurry Pumps
This is a general term used to group pumps that handle abrasive slurry together. They can be considered part of several different categories, such as end suction pumps, vertical column pumps, or submersible pumps. They are generally used for mining, mineral processing, and transportation of different kinds of slurries for processing.
Truth be told, there are many more types of chemical pumps out there that are used for a wide variety of processes. These are only a few of the most commonly used pumps. Chemical pump applications cover a vast range of industries and occupations across the board. Helpful info also found here.

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