Employee notification system

Did you know that over 80% of American adults communicate through texts messages? About 90% of all the texts are read within 3 minutes of receipt, making it a convenient yet fast way to pass messages. With more than 23000 people suffering work-related injuries in 2013, an employee alert system is a welcome technology to keep your workers safe. From everyday situations to the unexpected, you may need an employee communication software in the following:
Natural disasters
While most businesses boast of levels of emergency preparedness, the inability to predict occurrence increases the level of severity. In the absence of an employee alert system, it would be hard to communicate any developments to a workforce. With an adult cell phone ownership of about 91% as of 2016, mass text messaging remains the best way to prevent possible injuries in the event of a natural disaster.
Business communications
In a business context, a mass text software finds widespread use in the routine operations. Texts are read within five seconds, which show a better response than email notifications, which might be limited to desktops. It can be a change of a meeting place, holiday announcements, structural changes as well as product related information. The systems help convey messages across branches located in different points which elicit a fast response to prevent possible downtime.
When there is a power outage, a text notification system comes in handy towards keeping the company safe from incidents. Emergencies such as earthquakes, fires, and floods are known to cause havoc within minutes, hence the need to maintain the staff informed. Since you hardly find people without their cell phones, they are likely to get the information within minutes, enhancing the evacuation process.
Operational delays
Regardless of the industry, operational delays are inevitable. They might arise from machine breakdowns, inefficiencies, power outages, accidents as well as strikes among others. In the event of a delay, you need to keep workers posted of the delays with regular updates to improve their preparedness. Failure to communicate leads to anxiety that affects efficiency at resumption.
An emergency notification system mitigates the severity of the incidents in the event of the threats. When there is a fire explosion or terrorist attack, you need to alert the staff to the situation as well as the evacuation strategy. It helps monitor potential threats before they occur lowering the financial impact on your company.

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