Veterans clothing donations

There are many children in need of clothing. One way to ensure that children are able to get the clothing that they need is through making charitable donations to The Military Order of the Purple Heart. In addition to assisting the blind community, this charitable organization assists veterans and their families by providing valuable services and resources.

If you are looking for where to make used clothing donations, you may appreciate the fact that these can be picked up at your home. This convenient option is available through GreenDrop, which, in addition to having mobile trailers, has 30 free-standing locations that accept clothing and other types of household donation.

You may be aware that 45% of recycled clothing can be worn again. Due to their financial circumstances, many families can only purchase clothing at second-hand stores. The value of charitable donations is that families like these are able to find pants, shirts, dresses, sweaters, jackets, coats, and other items at considerably less than they would cost at even a discount store.

Since children go through regular growth periods, being able to purchase good-quality second-hand clothes makes sense for families in higher economic brackets, too. It’s not usual to find items of clothing that have barely been warn or are brand-new at these stores.

When you begin going through your family’s dressers and closets, consider the last time an item was worn. If you live in an area with two or more seasons, and it hasn’t been worn in a while, you may want to include it with your donations.
Another idea is to look for duplicate items, such as sweaters, scarves, and hats. You and your family can choose your favorites and then donate the ones you don’t really need.

You may also want to get your extended family and friends involved with collecting clothing. You can post an announcement on your favorite social media site, and keep everyone up-to-date on your progress. You may discover that 70% of your friends may become involved and take action.

Many children in need of clothing may have one or more parent serving in the military. Others may have a parent that is a wounded veteran, or died while serving this country. Making charitable clothing donations is a way to give back to the community and thank these individuals for their service.

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