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Many pharmaceutical companies make use of blister card packaging for pills, since they find this the most effective form of protecting medication, from its trip to clinical storage, to making its way to the consumer. Blister packing provides not only an ideal form of protection, but can also be colored, is easy for consumers to open, and it provides an effective means of ensuring the correct dosage is given, taking the guesswork out for consumers. Read on to discover why it is helpful, and why any company that deals with pharmaceuticals should use it.

Blister Packaging Provides Safe Options For Dosage and Child Safety Protection

Although it is helpful for clinical storage, blister packaging offers other useful protection when it comes to maintaining child safety. The blister packaging design can have additional features, making it possible for adults to be the only ones to open the medicine. This helps further protect small children who might get into things, while keeping it simple enough for the adults to get to when they need the medication. Besides this feature, companies that provide blister pack packaging can ensure that important information is put on the medication packages. This means that consumers can clearly see the expiration date, so they know when the medicine has gone bad, and even other details, such as the lot number. This might not seem important, but if there is a problem with the medication, having the lot number can be helpful.

Blister Packaging Keeps Medicine Safe as It Makes Its Way in Transit From Factory to Store to Consumer
Many people are not aware of the extensive journey that medicine makes before it lands in their hands. After the medicine is produced and packaged, it may sit in clinical storage, before it heads out to the drugstore. After that, it may be some time before the consumer purchases it. During all this time, it is important that the pills are properly protected and do not suffer from breakage or other damage. This could easily occur during transit, on the truck, in the store, or even after the consumer has purchased the medicine. Thankfully, the main focus of blister packaging is creating a small hole or pocket, where the medicine can be stored. It is then sealed up, making it far less likely for damage to occur, and ensuring that the consumer has less of a chance of having broken medication. Carded blister packaging can include foil and others seals that are extra protective, providing more durable safety for medication. This means that even when it is dropped or thrown, the medication is still safe, since the foil packaging offers a thick layer.

Blister Packaging Can Offer Extra Ways for Clients to Advertise or Promote Their Product in a Way That Traditional Bottles and Packaging Do Not

With carded blister packaging, clients have the ability to personalize medications. This can include putting literature in with the medication, and other promotional items, such as coupons. By including coupons, rebates, and other offers, companies can encourage the consumer to make further purchases. These items would typically have a difficult time fitting into bottles, but with blister packaging, this makes additional promotional opportunities possible. Medical blister packaging can also be colored with the same colors that the client company uses. This can make it easy for consumers to identify their medication, thereby helping to reduce accidents, since consumers are not as likely to misuse or mix with a medication that would provide a counterreaction.

There are many reasons for companies to make use of blister card packaging when selling and providing medication to consumers. It can keep medication safe from its journey from clinical storage to the consumer. It also provides several different options for packaging. This can include child safety restraints and other ways to protect the medication and ensure that only adults are using it. Blister card packaging can include other information, such as the lot number and the expiration date. Finally, blister card packaging can offer client companies the opportunity to include coupons and other promotional material, giving companies the chance to promote and encourage their customers to keep purchasing the product.

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