It appears you need to your words on a comment you made nearly three years ago. When Georgie the cat joined your family about three years ago, you had to step back from a stand you had been taking.

Part of the history is that your family had three cats for years and your daughter bothered us incessantly asking for a dog, saying a cat just was not the same. In a pretty major transition, your family became one that had no cats and two dogs. It was shortly after this transition that your daughter then brought home a persuasive essay she had to write in school. The subject was why the family should adopt a cat. Her reasons included having something fuzzy to pet and learning responsibility. At the time you thought that your daughter knew the essay was a purely academic exercise because there was no way a cat was joining the family at this point. Today, of course, you now have the two dogs and a cat.

In the midst of these pet changes, your son has often decided to use the new cat as a scapegoat. For example, at the age of 11, your son needs a shower every day but does not necessarily want to take one. Recently, he sent a photo to the family as to why he could not take his shower. The picture of the family cat in the bathtub, however, was not reason enough for you to excuse the shower.

It is often at the holidays when some families add a new pet to their home. And while the fluffy newness of a young kitty or puppy makes for some great holiday photos, it is important to know that even the cutest of pets require a good deal of work.

Holidays at Home Will Look a Little Different This Year

From the school marquee signs that are announcing an early release for the holidays to the plethora of new outdoor LED business signs that that indicate that takeout and curbside pick up are available, there are many visual indications that Christmas 2020 will not be like the rest. And as parents look for new traditions like cutting down their own Christmas tree at a tree farm and bring a new pet into the family, it is apparent that there are many people working pretty hard to still make these last weeks of 2020 something to be remembered for more than Covid.

Fortunately, the latest in programmable LED signs allow businesses, churches, schools, and government offices to get their messages to the public. Even a pet store with a new batch of young kittens and puppies can, in fact, help use this technology to promote their current availability of furry friends.

Even more astounding than the increase in the number of outdoor LED business signs, however, is the number Christmas and holiday lights displays that are found throughout downtown business areas and residential neighborhoods. Fuelded by a pandemic that has limited the activities of so many, in fact, holiday light displays started going up back in October in many parts of the country. With a new kind of permanent lighting solution that may have typically only been used by businesses, many home owners have installed this option to their home. With controls that allow a home owner to display a spooky mix of orange and purple, but switch to red and white for December, these permanent lights also offer a way for the more subtle white light choice to be displayed any time of the year. Without the expense of installation and taking down that happens with traditional holiday lighting, these new alternatives are an investment up frront, but then remain in place and cost nothing.

Outdoor LED Business Signs Help Alert the Public to the New Normal

In the past, most of us thought about outdoor LED business signs as an over the top way that many businesses advertised a their products or promoted a special. With the increasing available technology, however, more and more businesses are able take advantage of the fact that 35% of people would not have discovered a business had it not been for their sign. Even a sign advertising the cutest of puppies and kitties.

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