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Compressors are used in many industries for many things because they are mechanical devices that are used to increase pressure in various compressible gases and fluids. Some people do not know how to choose the right one and that is why in How To Choose and Use an Air Compressor, Tom Silva uses this video to show viewers with a video that there are many options to choose from when buying a compressor. The first thing to consider is your understanding of how a compressor works. The basic of how a compressor works is that it includes an electric motor connected to a pump which takes in air and forces it under pressure into a tank. There is a gauge that measures the pressure in the tank, which is controlled by moving the regulator up and down. However, every compressor tool has a different mechanism and comes with its inscription of how much pressure it can withstand. Size is also an important element to factor in as compressor tanks come in standard and variants of dual sizes. When it comes to measurements, the most significant one is the Standard Cubic Feet Measurement commonly known as the SCFM that measures the volume of air that a compressor can put out at a specific radiant known as a PSI.

When using a compressor during a continuous job in a span of five to ten minutes you are going to need a substantial SCFM to give you more volume. When you know which SCFM you will need to complete your job then you will be able to buy one that is a perfect fit. Compressors come at different prices to fit whatever your budget may be. You also need to know that there are two distinct types of compressors – an oilless unit that does not require any maintenance on its motor or to have any oil added or changed and then you have an oil unit that has a motor with oil in it that needs to be changed. It doesn’t matter what compressor type you pick or its size, it needs to be drained after each use, to get rid of the compressor fluids that collect at the bottom by opening the attached drainage valve. The reason behind the water drainage is that every time you use a pressure tank, you create condensation inside and this could result in the tank rusting over time. If a compressor tank is exposed to internal rust then it could puncture and end up exploding while in use which could cause a fatal injury. It is important to always make sure that you maintain your compressor according to the instructions when you purchase it.

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