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Attitudes all around the world are changing in favor of more sustainable packaging. Research shows that about 31.9 million tons of plastic are disposed of in an improper manner. A company using sustainable packaging benefits from saving the environment and looking great in the eyes of consumers. There are numerous studies that show how much pollution our world faces. Choosing to use green packaging is a huge step in reducing your overall environmental footprint. Environmentally patented packaging is a great way to stay ahead of competitors. In this post, you will ideas to implement green packaging for your product.

  • Reduce Waste Wherever Possible: In some cases, helping the environment involves reducing packaging materials instead of adding more. It is wise to check how your current products are packaged. The chances are likely high that there is at least one, if not several, areas where the fat could be trimmed. A company can greatly benefit from reducing packaging waste because it means purchasing less packaging materials. In turn, this could mean having more rooms in warehouses for other materials.
  • Make Use of Recyclable Materials: You might have to scrap your current product packaging to go green. An easy way to start this process is through only using recyclable materials. There are many materials made from what has been previously recycled. In many cases, you won’t have to change much about how your product looks, just the materials used in production. The clamshell is one of the most popular plastic packaging choices. A clamshell is a plastic package that folds over onto itself. The food industry has recently placed much emphasis on using recyclable materials. There are straws and utensils available that are made from completely biodegradable materials.
  • Use Natural Ingredients for Product Packaging: It’s easy to confuse natural with recyclable materials. There are recyclable plastics that can be put into production. Natural materials are those usually made from plants as opposed to plastics. Choosing to remove artificial dyes and colors from packaging is a popular way for a company to go natural. For example, using box labels that are free from artificial dyes is one idea to use.
  • Let Packaging Have a Function: In the world of fast food, many changes are being made to provide more sustainable packaging. One pizza company recently created a box that allowed it to be folded into plates. PUMA is a shoe company that recently decided to implement a reusable bag for their products. The efforts of the reusable bag led to Puma decreasing its paper consumption by 65%. A reusable clamshell is another great way to make packaging extra functional.
  • Don’t be Afraid to Change Suppliers: One part of reducing your environmental impact is to change up suppliers. You will want to work with suppliers that can offer green packaging. However, making this change is a great feature to include on products labels. Studies show that people are drawn to brands that are environmentally conscious.
  • Redesigning your products could lead to a new innovation. Patented packaging is placing a patent on a packaging design. There are companies available that have their own patented packaging solutions for you to implement. Working with a patent packaging company is wise because they will have ideas that other competitors don’t have rights to. Having a company that creates patented packaging is a valuable ally in the corner of your brand.

    In closing, there are several ways to go green with the packaging of your products. One major way to reduce packaging waste is to look into current packages offered. Performing this check allows you to remove any wasteful packaging that is not necessary. Research shows that, at the current pace, plastics in the ocean will outnumber fish by the year 2050. Another great way to go green is by using recyclable materials for your packaging. Using natural ingredients for packaging is another way to show the world your company cares.

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