Conduit bushing

It is the little things that get us through life. I am not talking about birds chirping in the morning or a stranger smiling at you on the subway or someone holding the door for you when you have your arms filled with groceries. I am talking about hardware. Those little pieces of hardware that make our lives fluid and easy, without our ever knowing of their existence. Read on for five really cool little hardware doodads that operate stealthily in the backgrounds of our lives.

1. Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless steel cable ties, like wire combs and other such devices, are meant to organize wires for safety purposes. The stainless steel cable ties are wider and larger than standard ties, meaning they can hold bigger bundles. Being stainless steel, they last longer and are reusable, saving both money and waste.

2. Cap Nuts

A cap nut sometimes goes by the name of acorn nut, due to its shape. This little guy is meant for safety and aesthetics. It fits over the exposed end of a bolt, covering that jagged end, meaning it will not snag anyone or anything. And it just looks better than exposed hardware. It looks more finished. These can be used anywhere there is a bolt end.

3. Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets are great for protecting whatever is threaded through them. The right size is absolutely crucial in order for them to be effective and accurately installed. They are used to insulate and seal around holes that have been cut into solid panels. They also offer vibration damping and can minimize abrasion.

4. Concealed hinges

These allow for full range of hinge motion, without the unsightly appearance of a hinge on an otherwise smooth surface. They still hinge securely, yet they mount from the inside, offering what is known as a flush mount. They can be reversed for either right or left side use, and offer a full 180 degrees of motion.

5. Swivel Casters

Invented in 1920 by Seibert Chesnutt, these are used for things like navigating the manual wheels of machinery. Much like you can find on your standard grocery cart, these can make moving a normally unwieldy, heavy load smooth and precise. Being able to pivot and swivel with limited room to move makes them ideal for any sort of manual movement. Good refereneces.


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