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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 943,000 building permits given out in July 2013. That is up 12.4% over permits authorized in July 2012. The fact is that the construction industry, and others, are making a huge comeback as the economy continues to bounce back.

When scrap yards, construction companies, and plaster molders are building the things, houses, tiles, and siding, that make our country go they have to consider safety and time effective methods to getting the job done. Here are five tools that allow them to optimize both of those things.

  • Destaco Latches
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    Destaco latches and Destaco toggle clamps are extremely useful when it comes to molding operations like Western New York’s Boston Valley Terracotta Company. When plaster is poured into molds the form needs to be held in place. Some Destaco latches exert 600 pounds of force. Needless to say, the mold will not being going anywhere with a Destaco clamp attached.

  • Lifting Magnets
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    Lifting magnets pick up heavy objects made of iron like scrap metal. They allow professionals at scrap yards to pick up and move scrap metal with ease, accuracy, and safety.

  • Deburring Tools and Drill Bushings
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    Deburring, the removal of unwanted material from an object, accounts for a large amount of construction costs. For this reason, having your own deburring tool can save you quite a bit of money. However, you also need to consider safety when doing any sort of cutting. Using a drill bushing will allow you to cut more precisely by supporting your cutting tools. This means more accurate, safer work for deburring or other projects.

  • Vibration Control
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    Tools used by a wide variety of professionals produce a lot of vibration. Jackhammers, chippers, and many smaller tools produce enough vibration to make it difficult to keep them under your control. By implementing vibration control solutions like vibration mounts and pads, you can greatly improve the safety of these machines. This keeps your machinery from being damaged and employees from being injured.

  • Hydraulic Cylinders
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    Hydraulic cylinders are one of the most ubiquitous industrial products found around construction sites. They provide an incredible amount of undirected force by way of an undirectional stroke and are very versatile. Consider, bulldozers, hydraulic lifts, and cranes all utilize hydraulic cylinders.

If you are a professional working in any of the mentioned industries or you are just a layman wondering what contractors do to stay safe and efficient, here are five of the most common industrial tools that get the job done. Contact a supplier in your area to get what you need to improve your safety, quality, and overall business.


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