The local school child nutrition crews distributed food to parents whose children normally eat meals at school this Monday morning. The distribution of “grab and go” breakfast and lunch meals happened at three middle schools in an effort to reach the most families.

These schools had staff present at those schools from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. this Monday through Friday, and the district director of student services indicated that these distributions would continue until at least the end of the normally scheduled school year. The district is also looking at options like they have done in the past in the summer.

As the district officials continue to look to deliver food to locations in the community where there is need, it is important to make sure that the district also works to communicate these options to the parents. From emails to personal phone calls, school counselors and social workers are, as a result, working just as many hours as they were when school was still in session.
Planning for Food When School Is Suspended
As some districts use their school buses to go to locations and deliver food to families, school officials are reminding families that if they are in need, they can contact the district and building offices. Very simply, schools want kids to know they are loved and cared for, and one of the best ways for this to happen is to make sure that children are being fed.

The strongest collaborations will allow any students who live in the city to eat at any of the designated locations, so rather than having city students having to travel to just a few sites that may be too far from home, they will be able to go to any school where any district is distributing food during the Coronavirus closure.

As local and national chain grocery stores are seeing record numbers during this pandemic, it is important to note that many families do not have the funds to make these purchases. Loss of job, children at home, and other economic complications of the latest closures are a challenge to everyone, but virtually impossible for some families who are the bottom end of the poverty levels.

Behind the scenes of all these food distributions, of course, is a complicated system of supply. Making sure that trucks can deliver the food on time to the sites where it is needed is an important part of the supply chain. Outside of the schools, of course, there are also many retail businesses that offer the products that companies need. Part of the process of these deliveries is the much needed advance business capital factoring that companies of all size depend upon. In fact, invoice factoring services play vital roles year round, not just during these last few weeks of the crisis the nation is facing.

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