The only easy day was yesterday.

In the last few weeks you have gone through many difficult transitions. You started off hopeful, making an appointment with your hair dresser to get your hair cut and colored, buying early Easter gifts from a friend’s locally owned gift shop, and tipping your house cleaner with eight rolls of toilet paper.

A week later, however, your husband found out that he was not going to be getting an expected raise, and one day after that news, being told that he was gong to have to take a 12.5% cut in pay until the end of the calendar year. This significant cut means that he essentially will not receive any bonuses, money that your family of four counts on for its budget. The fact that you are a substitute teacher and there is no school means that your nearly 15% contribution to the family’s income has disappeared as well.

As a result, you had to make a difficult phone call this morning, explaining to your cleaning lady that you would no longer be able to pay for her services. When she asked when this would change, you were even sadder to day that you did not thing the house cleaning could be a part of your budget for another six months at least.
Knowing How to Find a Temp Position Is the Answer to Many People’s Immediate Problems

As record unemployment claims were reported this week, the number of people who are in a desperate situation in the U.S. as a result of the coronavirus is staggering. For those people who are not eligible for unemployment, however, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Grocery stores, pharmacies, industrial cleaning services, and delivery services are just some of the companies that are in need of more workers. In fact, as grocery stores shorten their shopping hours to provide more time for after hour workers to clean and restock the store, some grocery chains have already paid their current staff bonuses.

Temp services are working around the clock to find their clients jobs as quickly as possible. Bridging the gap between those who are out of work from layoffs to repositioning those workers in other part time and temporary positions has suddenly become paramount.

Knowing how to find a temp position, of course, is key. And while there are some lucky people who will just happen to find the work that they need on their own, temporary job placement agencies are better equipped to help people find a new spot using their best skills.

The best way to know how to find a temp position is by starting with a skills assessment. This assessment will allow both the employer and the employee to find a satisfactory match. And while many people can put up with doing jobs that are not a good fit for awhile, these current health challenges in the country look to be something that will cripple the economy for months, if not years. As a result, working with a professional agency that can help you best know who to find a temp position is in everyone’s interest.

Even in the best of times, $11 billion is lost every year due to employee turnover. And given that there are so many positions that are in such high demand right now, it is imperative that grocery stores and other businesses can quickly find the best people for these jobs. Working with a local agency that can help you understand how to find a temp position means that you can get the income that you need, while attempting to match your current skill set with available positions.

When you factor in the costs of employee turnover ranging from 30% to 150% of employee’s salary, you begin to understand the impact of having to make new hires. Fortunately, with the help of a staffing agency you can find a way to make sure that your company is finding its best personnel resources. And while temp agencies provide an important service to people who have recently been laid off, it is important to know that these agencies also serve essential roles for the employers as well.

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