Small business

When you want advice from some of the best businesses around, do not bother starting big. After all, how much help can a corporate giant give to a mom and pop organization? Sure, there are goals to aspire to, but the tips that the Fortune 500s are going to be giving out may not necessarily apply. That being said, just because they are not market behemoths does not mean you should discount the pros of their fields. I am talking about small businesses and small business magazines.

Our current culture makes us automatically equate the term Small Business with unsuccessful, broke, unable to excel in the market. It leads us to believe that they are only small business because they are not good enough to be big business. And that is just plain incorrect. A small business is small because it chooses to be, nothing more. That is why business magazines about the small business are just as, if not more, relevant than Forbes magazine in most cases.

Unfortunately, small business magazines do not get nearly the amount of press that they should, because they are playing to a much larger audience. Of all the business in America, 99 percent of that is small business. If the government was so concerned with job creation, as they claim to be, they should be supporting small businesses as well. Over 70 percent of all new jobs in the United States come from small business.

The next time you pick up a small business mag, you may find something like the fact that it may take anywhere between a year to 18 months to break even when first opening a small business. So start saving now. Or you may see that only about half of all new businesses survive more than five years, and only a third see ten.

These facts may be terrifying. They may deter you from opening your own small business. But you need to have the terror. You need that healthy respect for how difficult it is going to be for you if you go ahead with opening your own business. If it scares you away, then you can confidently know that you never would have made it. Yet if you can push ahead, through that daunting data, then you are off to a solid start.

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