custom printed coffee bagsCoffee can feel like a lifeline for many people, fueling their daily activities and giving them the energy to make it from sunrise to sunset. About 46% of workers in the United States say that coffee helps them stay productive while at their jobs. With so many tired adults to service, the coffee industry is constantly developing new ways to sell their products. Custom printed coffee bags grab a buyer’s attention with the coffee bag label and the packaging design. With something as basic as a coffee bag, however, how do you make it stand out?

Flat Bottom Coffee Bags

A traditional coffee bag is perfectly functional, except for the quad seal used at the bottom of the bag that makes it rounded. As you use the coffee and there are less grounds in the bag, the quad seal becomes flimsier and traps grounds in its corners. Even a full coffee bag with a quad seal can present issues on a store shelf, as the bottom can be unstable and result in fallen coffee bags. When a shopper sees products tipped over on the shelves, they are less likely to take those to the checkout as it demonstrates poor quality.


As the name indicates, flat bottom coffee bags stand up flat. The side gussets and bottom gusset are the same dimensions, creating a box-like design. In addition to providing a much more stable foundation, this design allows the bags to hold more coffee. The quad seals were considered standard because of the way they seal in the coffee and protect it from moisture, odors, and vapors. Flat bottom coffee bags are made with the same sturdy barrier films that are laminated together to provide the needed protection. Custom printed coffee bags can still utilize the flat bottom design as they also allow for the printing layer to be trapped between films that protect the design from scratching or marring.

Sustainable Materials

More and more consumers are looking for their products to implement sustainable practices from their production to their packaging. With a custom coffee bag, you can choose an environmentally friendly material. Typical coffee bags are made of foil-lined bags, as that had been proven to be the best way to keep the grounds from going stale. The addition of a degassing valve allows naturally occurring carbon dioxide to escape. The foil lining of these bags, however, are not recyclable and end up in landfills.


Many companies are now using brown paper bags, like those used for school lunches. These are an affordable and easy-to-find option, but you do have to make sure the other elements on the bag are recyclable. A recycling center will not accept any materials that have any non-recyclable parts to them, so your coffee bag labels and any inner sealing materials you use will have to be eco-friendly as well. Using bags that can be composted is also a great option as more and more composting facilities open across America. As with recycling, you will have to ensure that all parts of the bag are compost friendly.


Coffee is a source of joy for many people and they take their coffee buying experience seriously. Custom printed coffee bags will set you apart from the crowd while also creating a more user-friendly experience for customers and showing them that you care about the health of our planet.


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