Signs for churches

When you want people to know where your business or organization is located, you have to have the proper signage. There are some traditional, local places that rely on word of mouth and reputation, but even these pillars of business could be doing even better with the right sign to draw in potential customers and clients. Regardless of the business or organization, from a bakery to a law office, and from schools to churches, everyone needs the right sign.

From church marquees to LED signs for businesses

The results of one poll showed that of those participating in the poll who were 18 years of age and older, about 58% of them found out about an activity or event that piqued their interest from seeing something about it on a billboard. It may not be something that you think about on a daily basis, but the number of people that see a sight, building, or sign on a daily basis might surprise you. Think of the places that you tend to pass by repetitively, and you will likely know several businesses in that area, because of the signs that you see, or at least take in subconsciously, every time you pass by.

About 37% of people say that they do look at an outdoor advertisement every time they go by, or at least most of the time. Scrolling marquee signs are sure to catch the eye, and it has been said that the value of a sign at your brick and mortar business can end up equating the value of as many as 24 full page newspaper advertisements every year. Whatever kind of sign it is, be it a church marquee announcing services and events, or a billboard promoting the major sales event at a popular store, it will help bring in the masses.

Catching the right eye

There are a lot of creative, new fangled ways to get people’s attention these days. Sometimes the best way to go about things is to keep things simple. A church marquee sign doesn’t have to have the latest graphics or animation to make people feel welcome. A coffee shop doesn’t have to spend countless dollars on marketing techniques that don’t work, when people are looking for coffee, and will gladly stop if the right sign out front draws them in. In the long run, people just want to be seen too, so if you aim to center your business or organization around that, you will likely see major steps toward the success you want to achieve.

Let the world see you. And in turn, see what the world has to offer you.

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