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Every single year technology continues to expand in ways that people could have never predicted. Since the release of the first iPhone in the year of 2007, it has taken only ten years for technology to change our everyday lives. Technology now allows for new interactions and for business transactions to take place at unprecedented rates.

From communication to the internet, smart phones and communicating via a mobile phone have accelerated at great rates over the course of the past ten years. People will now call and contact other people quite often and even more so they will contact business and business owners. If you own a business that receives a lot of phone calls then there are some things that can help you such a live answering service. Here is how:
answering service companies, national answering service, office answering service, and medical answering service. It will help you facilitate the high number of calls you may receive in an organized and timely fashion. With so many people using phones to communicate the last thing you want is for your telephone lines to be over run.

91% of all citizens in the United States will have their mobile device located within their reach 24/7. This means at any time they could call your business with a number of different inquiries. Understand also that about 80% of all people will hang up on a business if they hear a voicemail. This is one of the many ways in which a live answering service can help you.

If 80% of all customers hang up on a business after hearing a voicemail then there is no question that you need a live answering service to help you. Do not end up in a position where you are possibly losing customers because you do not have someone available to answer a phone. Also, 79% of all customers will prefer to interact with companies by phone compared to other options.

When you get your live answering service, make sure that you do not over script your calls. They will ruin two of the most important elements of a great customer service interaction: empathy and emotion. Two-thirds of consumers would be willing to spend more with a particular company — 13% more, on average, following an excellent customer service experience.

According to Forrester, telephone customer service has the highest satisfaction compared to other online customer service channels, at 69%. 80% of all customers will prefer to contact a customer serivce representative over the phone as opposed to any other form of communication. The number one thing customers are looking for when they call contact centers is to have their problems resolved quickly. Three-quarters (75%) of customers would prefer the option to be called back rather than waiting on the line.

In conclusion, a live answering service can save your business so much money. It is important to understand that a business can lose more money from a poor answering service than from anything else. If you do not have a live answering service then it does not matter if you save money in the form of preventatvie costs. Understand that brands in the United States with poor customer service will end up losing $41 billion each year as a result.

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