Shipping crates are essential for transporting fragile items over long distances. They protect the goods from being tampered with or getting broken. The video shows how you can build a shipping crate at home with easy-to-get materials and tools.

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However, you need knowledge of how to work with wood to produce a perfect shipping crate.

First, you need measurements for the shipping crate you want to build. The size of the item to transport determines the size of the shipping crate. Your shipping crate must be at least two inches longer on each side than the item you want to transport. You will need plywood sheets and timber pieces as the materials to build a shipping crate. Measure the product in transit, then measure plywood sheets for the sides of the shipping crates.

Parts of the crate include a bottom, sides, and a lid. Cut out the length of the sides on your plywood sheets. Strengthen it by nailing pieces of wood around it. Glue two pieces of plywood to make the bottom. Make the lid the same as the sides. Join the sides together by nailing them, and you have your shipping crate. Place shipping blankets to protect your goods and seal the lid.


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