Email marketing is an effective digital marketing service that can help businesses reach a wide variety of audiences. It has the potential to be one of the most successful marketing strategies when companies use it correctly. Let’s gain more insight into 10 ways digital marketers use email.

1. Promote Products

Digital marketing services can use email marketing to promote products or services. Through emails, digital marketers can provide customers with targeted offers that are relevant to their needs and interests. Use it to upsell customers on related products or services. Product marketing in email can help digital marketers increase sales, build brand loyalty and keep customers informed of new products.

2. Build Relationships

Build relationships with customers through regular email campaigns. You can use it to send out newsletters, surveys, or birthday messages. When customers opt-in to receive email communications, marketers can create a sense of trust and loyalty. Send weekly or daily correspondence. Birthday promotions are a great way to pull customers in and encourage them to become repeat customers. Companies like Sprinkles Cupcakes and Old Navy email customers a coupon for a free item or discounted service to use on their birthday. That’s a great way to keep customers looking forward to hearing from particular companies.

3. Generate Leads

Leads refer to prospective customers that digital marketers can try to convert into paying customers. Digital marketing services use email marketing to capture leads and build a list of subscribers. Offer potential customers something valuable in exchange for their contact information and digital marketers will be able to continue marketing to them. An example of this is when digital marketers offer a free ebook or guide in exchange for an email address. This exchange allows digital marketers to reach customers who may not be ready to purchase yet, but could in the future.

4. Stay Top of Mind

Staying top of mind is one of digital marketing services’ main goals. Email marketing allows digital marketers to stay in contact with customers and remind them about services and products. Regular emails keep digital marketers at the top of customers’ minds, encouraging them to come back for more. There are many brick-n-motor or online stores people can shop at. However, if you receive an email from Old Navy or J. Crew, those stores are now on your mind. It can encourage someone to change their shopping plans after being alerted about a huge sale at one of these stores.

5. Educate Email marketing digital services can help educate customers about various topics. When marketers sell to B2B clients, they use emails to share white papers, webinars, and tutorials that educate customers. It’s important to remember that 72% of online marketers consider high-quality content creation as the most efficient SEO tactic.

6. Reengage Customers

Email campaigns can reengage customers who haven’t purchased in a while. Have you ever started a purchase but failed to complete it due to 2nd thoughts or becoming distracted? Luckily, cart abandonment emails or reactivation campaigns remind customers about their abandoned carts or former purchases. This communication can help e-commerce businesses recover sales and bring back customers who’ve gone dormant.

7. Improve SEO

Email campaigns help companies improve their website’s SEO. When online marketers send out an email campaign with a link directing customers to a website, they boost their website’s organic search engine rankings. When digital marketers include relevant keywords in their emails, they can increase website traffic, which in turn boosts site rankings.

8. Measure Success

One of the great benefits of email marketing is its ability to measure success. Digital marketers can track how many people opened the email, how many clicked on a link, and how many unsubscribed. Through tracking and data analysis, online marketers can adjust their emails to improve the effectiveness of future campaigns. It helps digital marketers create better content.

Digital marketing services use email campaigns to boost website traffic, generate leads, and create relationships with customers. Emails are a great way to target consumers who may not be familiar with your company or brand. Since most people still have at least one email address they use, digital marketers can reach a wide range of potential customers. If you are ready to tap into the ongoing benefits of email, contact our local marketing team today.

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